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Introducing Document Review Wizard

  • By Fabrice Talbot
  • June 16, 2011
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Today, we released a new Document Review Wizard that makes it easy to upload a document, setup the review, and invite collaborators.

Why the Document Review Wizard? Well, we realized that many users who wanted to setup a document review were struggling to pass the upload step and needed guidance to select the right document review settings for their project. With this in mind, we created a 3-step Document Review Wizard.

Let's go through each step.

Step#1 - Upload Document

In the Upload Document step, page you select the Microsoft Word document you want to upload and specify the document title and workspace location. Click Next Step to go to Setup Review step.

Step#2 -Setup Review

In the Setup Review step, you set the Review Deadline, Offline Updates privileges, and grant download permissions to collaborators:

  • Review Deadline - We made it mandatory (if you're asking someone to provide you feebdack, better tell them clearly when you expect that feedback). You can always change the due date later during the review if collaborators need more time to complte the review.
  • Offline Updates - Use this option to authorize authors to download the document while in review and update it offline. The default option is Any Author on the document but you can select Only me if you want to be the only one with offline updates privileges; note that authors can still make online updates.
  • Download permissions - Choose who can download the document after it has been reviewed. Select Only me, Authors and Me, or Everyone invited on the document. Reviewers are always able to access a document they reviewed independently of the download privileges.

Click Next Step to go to the Invite Others step.

Step#3 - Invite Others

In this Invite Others step, you invite others to review the document and customize the message to the collaborators

To do this:

  1. Enter the email address of the collaborators you want to review the document or select Existing Users (not visible if no reviewers have been invited yet).
  2. Click Add or press Enter to add the person to the reviewers list.
  3. By default, new collaborators are added as a Reviewer; they can read and post comments on the document.
  4. Select Author if you want them to edit the document – Free accounts are limited to one author.
  5. Click Request Approval if you want them to formally approve the document. This step is optional – if not selected, collaborators will be assigned a review task.
  6. Enter a brief message, such as when the review starts or other helpful information.

Click I'm done. Start Review Now! to complete the Document Review Wizard. An email is sent to reviewers you are redirected to the document.

Why don't you give it a try?

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