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5 pitfalls of collaborative document review to avoid

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding collaborative document editing, whose benefits are overrated. On the other hand, collaborative document review receives less coverage but is equally important for businesses who engagein external collaboration, something we also refer to as client collaboration. We talk to business owners on a weekly basis. While most of them understand [...]

Legal Documents Review: Why using MS Word is not efficient

If you run a business or negotiate contracts with clients, at some point your task was to review legal documents with your lawyer, and even perhaps draft them. For most of us this means sending emails attachments prepared with Microsoft Word using change tracking. This involves sending the attachment back and forth several times to [...]

How to collaboratively review documents with clients

Collaboration is a buzz word used by many IT and software providers. This article explores a specific aspect of collaboration: client review of business documents, such as proposals, legal documents, and project documentation. We look at three different collaboration approaches commonly used and outline some of the pro and cons.     Email attachment – [...]

Tips for improving client collaboration (Part 2)

  • By Fabrice Talbot
  • June 10, 2010

Communication with your clients is crucial for your business, so you should always try to optimize it and get all the advantages of an efficient collaboration. Here are some more tips for better results of the projects that involve a high degree of client collaboration: 1. Use structured collaboration As far as business collaboration goes, [...]

Tips for improving client collaboration (Part 1)

An efficient collaboration with your clients has some experience-driven rules, in order to obtain successful projects. The client collaboration software plays an important role, so you have to make sure you choose the perfect one for your business needs and requirements. 1. Don’t stuff clients’ inbox with bulky attachments Nobody is a fan of downloading [...]