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Choosing the Right Subscription Plan When Reviewing Documents Online

Agilewords now offers three different subscription plans for its document review application. In addition to the Free Plan, you can also sign up to the Individual and SMBs plans. Remember, you can sign-up to Agilewords without having to share your credit card details, so there is no risk involved. Here’s what each plan offers. Agilewords [...]

Document Review Process

  • By Ivan Walsh
  • May 12, 2011

The Document Review Process should be simple, right? How do you improve the process to review documents online and make collaboration work?

GigaOM Reviews Agilewords: Simple, Collaborative Documents

  • By Ivan Walsh
  • March 22, 2011

Simon Mackie, in his review of Agilewords on GigaOM, made some interesting observations about our tool. He commented that ‘its interface is intuitive and really easy to get to grips with, which is important if you’re likely to want to send documents to less tech-savvy members of your team.’

A Smarter Way to Review Business Proposals

  • By Ivan Walsh
  • March 11, 2011

How come it’s still so difficult to review a simple business proposal? Think about it. We’ve sent men to the Moon, mapped the genome, and raised the Titanic. So, you’d think we’d have found a nice, effective way to share business proposals, get feedback, and submit them on time.

5 pitfalls of collaborative document review to avoid

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding collaborative document editing, whose benefits are overrated. On the other hand, collaborative document review receives less coverage but is equally important for businesses who engagein external collaboration, something we also refer to as client collaboration. We talk to business owners on a weekly basis. While most of them understand [...]

Legal Documents Review: Why using MS Word is not efficient

If you run a business or negotiate contracts with clients, at some point your task was to review legal documents with your lawyer, and even perhaps draft them. For most of us this means sending emails attachments prepared with Microsoft Word using change tracking. This involves sending the attachment back and forth several times to [...]

How to collaboratively review documents with clients

Collaboration is a buzz word used by many IT and software providers. This article explores a specific aspect of collaboration: client review of business documents, such as proposals, legal documents, and project documentation. We look at three different collaboration approaches commonly used and outline some of the pro and cons.     Email attachment – [...]

6 tips to improve document revision management

The document review topic is not new for us, being analyzed in some of our articles. This time, we’ll try a new approach and bring you the strategy and tactics of document review. So let’s get to it! Document revision projects usually involve over three people and the steps are always the same: 1. Elaborate the [...]

Collecting feedback: you need a plan

There are three main ways of collecting feedback and your company’s methods surely fit one or more of them: Sending emails and expecting feedback replies. Sending emails and getting feedback over the phone, in a new version of the document, in a separate email, note, etc. Using a special service for document collaboration. Of course, we [...]