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A Smarter Way to Review Business Proposals

  • By Ivan Walsh
  • March 11, 2011

How come it’s still so difficult to review a simple business proposal? Think about it. We’ve sent men to the Moon, mapped the genome, and raised the Titanic. So, you’d think we’d have found a nice, effective way to share business proposals, get feedback, and submit them on time.

How To Securely Exchange Legal Documents

What would happen if you emailed your client’s business documents to the wrong person? Or how would your clients react if their legal documents were published on the Internet by accident? Think they’d shrug it off? Probably not. Most of us don’t see the risks in emailing business documents and assume everything is fine… until [...]

7 Document Collaboration Risks

The way we do business keeps changing. When I started in IT, we all worked in the same office, shared documents by email, and met our clients in person. Today the landscape is very different. Clients are spread across the globe, we work remotely, and documents must be shared securely.

Make Attorney Review Faster and Easier

Ever wonder how much it costs to assemble legal documents in Microsoft Word? If your law firm prepares legal documents, such as employment contracts, deeds of real estate, or merger documents, you know how time-consuming this can be. Instead of working on high-value tasks, your team loses time gathering feedback, scheduling document reviews, and collating comments.

On-demand service: is their security on par?

A recurring question about on-demand applications is security. Is it really safe to upload my enterprise data online? Do I still have full control over my data? We never worked with online applications before so we are not so confident. When it comes to security, the list of users' concerns can get long. However, one [...]