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5 Risks When Sending Legal Documents By Email

If you had to post a highly confidential business document, would you send it in the regular mail or with a courier? My guess is the courier and it’s not because it gets there faster. There’s a reason the courier, for example UPS, asks you to sign before they give you the package. It ensures [...]

How To Securely Exchange Legal Documents

What would happen if you emailed your client’s business documents to the wrong person? Or how would your clients react if their legal documents were published on the Internet by accident? Think they’d shrug it off? Probably not. Most of us don’t see the risks in emailing business documents and assume everything is fine… until [...]

How (Most) Legal Documents Get Created

Something we learnt when working with legal professionals to develop Agilewords was the different issues attorneys and clients face when using document collaboration software.

Legal Documents Review: Why using MS Word is not efficient

If you run a business or negotiate contracts with clients, at some point your task was to review legal documents with your lawyer, and even perhaps draft them. For most of us this means sending emails attachments prepared with Microsoft Word using change tracking. This involves sending the attachment back and forth several times to [...]