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Document revision: things that can go wrong (part 2)

  • By Fabrice Talbot
  • March 11, 2010

Let’s list some more things that can go wrong when it comes to document collaboration. Just two more to go and, afterward we will also give you our solution for avoiding not only one of these “document collaboration” pessimistic situations, but really all. Nightmare Number Three: Editing The author created a read-only file as the [...]

Agile business concepts – How to put them in practice? (part 1)

Agile: In a new era, agile has taken on a new meaning. The traditional definition, according to Webster’s, is: “quickness, lightness, and ease of movement; nimble; mentally quick or alert: an agile mind.” An agile mind! Working “agilely” creates an agile mind, and an agile process is possible with an agile mind. The purpose of the agile [...]

Agile business concepts – How to put them in practice? (part 2)

  • By Fabrice Talbot

So, let's dig  into the agile business process some more. An agile environment allows for diverse teams and teamwork to flourish. To complete the agile process, business people work together with developers daily throughout the duration of the agile development while building projects around individuals rather than building individuals around a project. Thus, teamwork is [...]

Top 5 challenges you will face with document review

Back in October, we gave a workshop at the San Francisco STC chapter that addressed some of the benefits and challenges associated to collaborative review. Identifying the main problems in document review work is the main step to achieving an effective document revision process. While everyone’s experience is unique, we can clearly identify recurring problems [...]

Cloud computing – The way to go

No sooner than last week, The Economist hosted a lively debate on Cloud Computing. Their position on this matter is, and I quote: “This house believes that the cloud can't be entirely trusted.”

I believe that is one of the most “politically correct” and diplomatic statements I’ve ever heard for the IT industry. Besides the fact that they’re making it hard for us to put them on one side of the fence, or the other, I found the debate to be quite interesting.

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