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Introducing Document Review Wizard

  • By Fabrice Talbot
  • June 16, 2011

Today, we released a new Document Review Wizard that makes it easy to upload a document, setup the review, and invite collaborators. Why the Document Review Wizard? Well, we realized that many users who wanted to setup a document review were struggling to pass the upload step and needed guidance to select the right document [...]

Make Attorney Review Faster and Easier

Ever wonder how much it costs to assemble legal documents in Microsoft Word? If your law firm prepares legal documents, such as employment contracts, deeds of real estate, or merger documents, you know how time-consuming this can be. Instead of working on high-value tasks, your team loses time gathering feedback, scheduling document reviews, and collating comments.

Legal Documents Review: Why using MS Word is not efficient

If you run a business or negotiate contracts with clients, at some point your task was to review legal documents with your lawyer, and even perhaps draft them. For most of us this means sending emails attachments prepared with Microsoft Word using change tracking. This involves sending the attachment back and forth several times to [...]

Collecting feedback: you need a plan

There are three main ways of collecting feedback and your company’s methods surely fit one or more of them: Sending emails and expecting feedback replies. Sending emails and getting feedback over the phone, in a new version of the document, in a separate email, note, etc. Using a special service for document collaboration. Of course, we [...]

Document revision - Why MS Word Isn’t Enough (part 1)

“I have Microsoft Word. Why isn’t that enough for me to write, proofread, edit and produce my business document?” The answer to the question above is multi-level, but it comes down to the basic idea that, for efficient business document management you should reconsider using MS Word because there is no way of sharing documents [...]

Document revision: why MS Word isn't enough (part 2)

  • By Fabrice Talbot

In the first part of this article we described in detail an inefficient document management business process that had Microsoft Word as the central piece and promised to come back with reasons for that “inefficient” feature. Certainly, using MS Word for  document management is better than printing out copy and reviewing it, passing it on [...]

How to review documents

In many fields of activity, document review is part of the daily job. Business documents, articles, technical documentation, book content, reports and product specifications have to be revised several times before they reach their final form. Document review work can be very long and troublesome.  However, there are several document review tools meant to ease [...]

Documentation review – Get it done!

We had the pleasure of giving a workshop called "Documentation review - Get it done!" at the local San Francisco STC chapter earlier this week. We designed this workshop around three interactive games played in groups. We wanted to make the evening an enjoyable learning experience for everyone. Those games helped participants identify key fallacies experienced [...]

XML document review (2)

  • By Fabrice Talbot
  • February 02, 2009

Sharing XML documents during the writing and review process is a missing link in the XML publication chain. While Office or PDF applications help, they also add another extra layer of complexity and lose the "XML awareness" of our initial document. That's where LiveTechDocs comes into play.

XML Document Review (1)

Technical documentation is a prime beneficiary of XML technology, with standards such as DocBook and DITA. However, while XML revolutionized the way technical documentation is written, it did nothing to help documentation teams improve the collaboration process with the SMEs and other invested parties. In some cases, things got worse, with another layer of complexity [...]