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3 Ways Document Collaboration Improves Business Processes

  • By Ivan Walsh
  • March 20, 2011
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How can document collaboration improve your business processes? From one angle, it can’t. Unless you know where to align business processes and document collaboration, it’s unlikely there will be any quantifiable returns. But, when we show clients how to connect their process to the document collaboration tools, their business become more efficient, departments communicate better, and customers are serviced faster.

3 Ways Document Collaboration Improves Business Processes

Document collaboration applications help you define structured workflows, for example, for reviewing, approving, and sharing information assets. Reviewing business documents, such as contracts or proposals, is the best example.

By automating processes for scheduling tasks, assigning deadlines, tracking progress, and collating feedback, the document owner (and collaborators) can focus on other high-value activities rather than lose time coping text between documents and struggling with track changes.

These automated workflows reduce the time and effort involved in coordinating common business processes, thereby lowering costs and removing the complexity associated with document reviews.

Here are three examples of how Document Collaboration can help streamline your business processes:

  1. Document Reviews – Instead of emailing a business document to different parties, and then working out how to collect feedback, assemble it, and track progress, you can use the Document Collaboration application to assigns tasks, sends reminders, track progress, enforces due dates, and creates an audit trail of the entire process. Rather than using a combination of email, calendars, and spreadsheets, you can rely on the online dashboard to keep track of all activities.
  2. Proposal Assessment– Procurement departments assess and evaluate proposals to ensure their company gets the best value for money. During the assessment process, they benefit from Document Collaboration software as it allows them to share confidential information online, centralize comments in a secure environment, examine alternatives, and invite external consultants into the assessment process. This allows them to review more proposals within the same timeframe and make better use of their combined skill-sets. Contrast this with email-driven reviews where collaborators work in isolation and information is trapped in silos.
  3. Content Creation – For PR and marketing firms, content is no longer created exclusively by internal staff but also delegated to remote workers, consultants, specialists, and designers, many of whom are based overseas or work in different timezones. To coordinate the content development process, team leads rely on web-based document collaboration tools to manage the project and ensure that all deliverables are received, reviewed, corrected, and published on schedule. And as the tool is web-based, collaborators can work on their tasks ‘out of office’ hours, when travelling, or from their client’s site.

Why Document Collaboration Improves Business Processes

Let’s take a step back for a moment. The ‘way we do business’ is usually based on how we started in business. Over the years we’ve adjusted and refined what worked for us. For example, I've developed different ways to review documents and gather feedback by email, but I know there must be a better way to do this.

The challenge is to cut the umbilical cord to old habits and examine alternatives that streamline how we ‘could’ do business. Document Collaboration applications, such as Agilewords, provide a secure environment that helps you realize these benefits. Want to learn more? Please Take The Tour here.

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