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Review and approve documents on with Agilewords application

  • By Fabrice Talbot
  • November 08, 2011
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We’re thrilled to announce that Agilewords is now available to users.

Here at Agilewords, we’re big fans of . We love the simplicity of sharing documents and how you can collaborate on documents online with tasks and discussion threads.

We’ve always thought that Agilewords would be a great addition to, especially for companies in need of structured document collaboration.

While integrates with online editors like Google Docs or Zoho, there was no way to get a business document reviewed and approved by colleagues or clients on

So we came up with the remedy!

How the integration works?

Once you’ve installed Agilewords from the apps page, you simply click “Review with Agilewords” from the “more actions” menu and send a Word document to Agilewords for review.

If you have an Agilewords account, you’ll need to fill in your credentials. If you don’t, you’ll need to register a free account with us (maximum three active document reviews at a time).  For more details on our plans, check out this article.

Next, you’ll reach the review setup page. Here you can set a review deadline, invite collaborators, assign them a task (review or approve), and customize your message to collaborators.

We customized this page to further enhance the user experience:

  • Access to folder members - We added a "Select folder members" drop-down list that lists all collaborators with access to the document folder.  Click on a user name to add him to the list of reviewers; you can also add all folder collaborators at once.
  • Access with secure URL link - We provide a checkbox to create a comment on with a secure link to the document in review on Agilewords. Anyone with the shared URL link can access the document as reviewer. Note that reviewers are still requested to login with a valid user profile (or create one). So you know at all times who is reviewing your document!

When you click “Review on Agilewords", the document review starts on Agilewords . Collaborators receive an invitation with a link to the document.

Here's how the document looks with discussion threads:

Why Agilewords is a great complement to

As is an improved replacement of Sharepoint, Agilewords is the improved replacement of MS Word Review and Track Changes. Think MS Word in the cloud with collaborative features to boot. discussion threads are useful for general discussion but limited when you need a detailed review of your document. Instead, use Agilewords to collaborate on the document, collect group feedback, track changes, and request approval from key stakeholders.

Here's how Agilewords can benefit you:

  • Cloud-based, accessible 24/7 - all you need is a browser
  • Structured document collaboration (review deadline, review and approval tasks, audit trail)
  • Simple and efficient way to collect group feedback
  • Track changes for all document edits
  • Easy progress tracking (document notifications, daily digest)
  • Full audit trail and activity reports (comments, edits, access log...)
  • Secure collaboration (login required, role-based permissions, you control who downloads the document)

What’s next?

We believe that the Agilewords integration with has great potential and plan to enhanced it further. How do you want this integration to work?

We invite you to tell us how we can improve. Post your comments or ideas in our forum ( discussion thread) or email us email us and we'll get right back to you.

The Agilewords team

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