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Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

  • By Fabrice Talbot
  • December 25, 2010

I don’t know about you but I have mixed feelings about Christmas. Sure, it’s a great time to catch up with old friends and see your family and, if you’re running a business, it’s a nice way to get some perspective. Christmas Gifts For me, perspective is what I get most from Christmas. Here’s what [...]

Meeting with Microsoft BizSpark San Francisco

Ever wonder how some startups get the resources they need to move forward that bit faster? Take a look at Microsoft. For many, it’s synonymous with Windows, Office, and Xbox. But what you probably don’t know is that Microsoft also runs BizSpark, a program focused on fast-tracking startups with the technology and resources they need. [...]

7 Document Collaboration Risks

The way we do business keeps changing. When I started in IT, we all worked in the same office, shared documents by email, and met our clients in person. Today the landscape is very different. Clients are spread across the globe, we work remotely, and documents must be shared securely.

Put a face on your Agilewords account

If you had a choice between or, which would you prefer? Customers have told us that having a more personalized web address, such as the sub-domain shown above, would help clients when reviewing documents. We listened. You can now create your own personalized web address. How It Works Instead of accessing your private [...]

How (Most) Legal Documents Get Created

Something we learnt when working with legal professionals to develop Agilewords was the different issues attorneys and clients face when using document collaboration software.

Make Attorney Review Faster and Easier

Ever wonder how much it costs to assemble legal documents in Microsoft Word? If your law firm prepares legal documents, such as employment contracts, deeds of real estate, or merger documents, you know how time-consuming this can be. Instead of working on high-value tasks, your team loses time gathering feedback, scheduling document reviews, and collating comments.

Thankgiving cartoon: can twitter save their day?

  • By Fabrice Talbot
  • November 24, 2010

Imagine a world where turkeys have Internet access, can tweet their fears, call for help, and get rescued from their short Thanksgiving fame... I know, scary thoughts! :-)   On behalf of the Agilewords team, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!!!  

5 pitfalls of collaborative document review to avoid

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding collaborative document editing, whose benefits are overrated. On the other hand, collaborative document review receives less coverage but is equally important for businesses who engagein external collaboration, something we also refer to as client collaboration. We talk to business owners on a weekly basis. While most of them understand [...]

3 reasons collaborative writing for businesses is overrated

  • By Fabrice Talbot
  • November 05, 2010

There’s a lot of hype around collaborative writing these days.  Online editors such as Google Docs seem very powerful indeed compared to the classic Microsoft Office approach where you write documents locally and use email attachments to send files to collaborators. But similar to Google Wave before, online collaborative writing may be overrated and provide [...]

Legal Documents Review: Why using MS Word is not efficient

If you run a business or negotiate contracts with clients, at some point your task was to review legal documents with your lawyer, and even perhaps draft them. For most of us this means sending emails attachments prepared with Microsoft Word using change tracking. This involves sending the attachment back and forth several times to [...]

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