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Tips for improving client collaboration (Part 1)

An efficient collaboration with your clients has some experience-driven rules, in order to obtain successful projects. The client collaboration software plays an important role, so you have to make sure you choose the perfect one for your business needs and requirements. 1. Don’t stuff clients’ inbox with bulky attachments Nobody is a fan of downloading [...]

Collaborative document management – Where do you stand?

Sharing no longer means email This point was inspired by David Armano’s blog post in the Harvard Business Review. I completely agree with the points he’s making there (although he is referring more to social sharing). We had a similar blog post on using emails for sharing documents a while ago, focusing more on business [...]

Agilewords moves to public beta

As you might have noticed, we’ve been keeping ourselves really busy lately. We’ve not only been working on the website (the more noticeable part), but mostly working on the Agilewords application. And now we’re feeling confident enough to bring you Agilewords beta. Enjoy! We’ve significantly improved the user interface (UI), so you have a plug-and-play experience. We [...]

6 tips to improve document revision management

The document review topic is not new for us, being analyzed in some of our articles. This time, we’ll try a new approach and bring you the strategy and tactics of document review. So let’s get to it! Document revision projects usually involve over three people and the steps are always the same: 1. Elaborate the [...]

Don’t be fooled by this review!

As you might know, we are totally involved in the document collaboration business. We've been here for a few years now, but we never got the chance to announce any breaking news. Well, now we have it, so come closer, our document collaboration companions! We'd like to announce that the Agilewords website has managed to generate [...]

Collecting feedback: you need a plan

There are three main ways of collecting feedback and your company’s methods surely fit one or more of them: Sending emails and expecting feedback replies. Sending emails and getting feedback over the phone, in a new version of the document, in a separate email, note, etc. Using a special service for document collaboration. Of course, we [...]

Document revision: things that can go wrong (part 1)

You should always look at the bright side of things, right? Still, sometimes a backup plan can be very useful. So, in order to prepare one, let’s discuss the scenario and all the things that can go wrong with document collaboration. Nightmare Number One: Security You sent a document that was not received. Or perhaps [...]

Document revision: things that can go wrong (part 2)

  • By Fabrice Talbot

Let’s list some more things that can go wrong when it comes to document collaboration. Just two more to go and, afterward we will also give you our solution for avoiding not only one of these “document collaboration” pessimistic situations, but really all. Nightmare Number Three: Editing The author created a read-only file as the [...]

Document revision - Why MS Word Isn’t Enough (part 1)

“I have Microsoft Word. Why isn’t that enough for me to write, proofread, edit and produce my business document?” The answer to the question above is multi-level, but it comes down to the basic idea that, for efficient business document management you should reconsider using MS Word because there is no way of sharing documents [...]

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