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Tips for improving client collaboration (Part 1)


An efficient collaboration with your clients has some experience-driven rules, in order to obtain successful projects. The client collaboration software plays an important role, so you have to make sure you choose the perfect one for your business needs and requirements.

1. Don’t stuff clients’ inbox with bulky attachments

Nobody is a fan of downloading attachments -- especially when they are zipped. This takes up computer memory space, not to mention time! Spend even more time when you have to un-archive them. To be frank I find this whole process to be frustrating and time consuming, and inefficient for collaboration management.

You can use an online document collaboration tool to upload documents and just send clients a link. This way you get rid of all the duplicate copies of the original document.

2. Make it easy for clients to provide feedback

If you need feedback from your client, then ideally the document collaboration system you choose must have review features. You have to use a solution that allows clients, once they access the document, to review the file and provide you with feedback and suggestions.

3. Request client approval on documents

Keep in mind that your clients are busy. The project they’re collaborating on with you is probably not their only one. So make sure you clearly state what you’re expecting from them when you send them documents. The “task” you’re giving them should be constantly visible on the collaboration workspace.

It’s harder to do this directly in an email conversation. But if you decide to use central client collaboration software, make sure you picked the right one. By this I mean one that has a collaboration management feature, allowing you to track progress and administer the whole process.

There are many collaboration tools out there; Agilewords is one of them. Our application is designed to provide a simple way to manage client review and approval of documents and to solve all the issues mentioned above. You can try it for free or request a demo.

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  • Dana


    This is a pretty good post. Your tips are great starting points for increasing collaboration and the effectiveness of that collaboration in a business. We actually wrote a post on this same topic about a week ago, and in it, we share additional information for improving team collaboration, such as creating an online discussion board or forum for businesses and clients to communicate together, and to upload and share documents that are hosted online so no one's email inboxes get stuffed.

    You can view our post on increasing client collaboration here:


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