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Make Attorney Review Faster and Easier

Ever wonder how much it costs to assemble legal documents in Microsoft Word?

If your law firm prepares legal documents, such as employment contracts, deeds of real estate, or merger documents, you know how time-consuming this can be. Instead of working on high-value tasks, your team loses time gathering feedback, scheduling document reviews, and collating comments.

Make Attorney Review Faster and Easier

It shouldn’t be so difficult, right?

Let’s look at how to simplify your Document Review Process. In other words, how you can send contracts to clients faster, schedule reviews, gather feedback, and signoff the document.

By streamlining this process, you can handle more projects, increase client satisfaction, and improve the bottom line.

The Hidden Costs of Creating Legal Documents in Microsoft Word

Most Transaction lawyer charge a daily rate to clients. Many charge by the hour or have a minimum fee. We all understand this.

But what happens if the time you should be spending with clients is spent on less productive tasks?

Let’s look at how legal documents are reviewed.

See if this sounds familiar:

  • You email a contract to a client. It’s attached as a Microsoft Word file.
  • You ask them add comments where necessary. And you suggest a date for completion.
  • You wait.
  • You chase up the client. Maybe you call or email to see if they received it, have comments, and get the ball rolling again.
  • They examine the contract.
  • They use Track Changes to add feedback or type comments in another email or a second Word document.
  • They return it to you, or maybe your PA, or your colleague. And sometimes emails get lost, blocked or deleted.
  • You open all the documents with feedback and, very carefully, create a master copy.
  • You proof-read the Final document and
  • Send it to the client for approval.

4 Reasons Legal Document Reviews Get Delayed

When we look at how legal documents are reviewed, we see that what should be simple can become very convoluted.

Sending emails, gathering information, locating the client’s comments, making corrections, updating the document…

Further complications arise when:

  1. Clients can’t find the email or can’t find the attachment
  2. Contracts has to be send it over a secure connection,
  3. Multiple documents get circulated for review at the same time
  4. Different versions are returned

All of which require copying and pasting between documents… and more formatting in Microsoft Word.


Legal firms succeed when they provide superior services to their clients on a consistent basis.

Legal firms run into difficulties when their best people get held up in non-billable tasks that disallow them from servicing clients and reduce the number of projects they can work with.

One way to free up your legal team is to create an effective document review process that allows them to work quickly, service multiple clients, and move onto the next project.

Next week, we’ll show you how to setup an online document review system for legal contracts and the mistakes you need to avoid when getting started.

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