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Document revision: why MS Word isn't enough (part 2)

  • By Fabrice Talbot
  • March 05, 2010
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In the first part of this article we described in detail an inefficient document management business process that had Microsoft Word as the central piece and promised to come back with reasons for that “inefficient” feature. Certainly, using MS Word for  document management is better than printing out copy and reviewing it, passing it on to someone else, etc., like the “old days”, isn’t it? In this day and age of technology and the Internet, however, that is merely an excuse. There are business document solutions better and more effective out there.

Save time

Ever check your email countless times with no new information to be read? With Agilewords your reviewers are automatically notified by email about new comments. MS Word alone will not keep you from countless wasted hours of useless checking of email for new updates on your business document.

Save trouble

Certainly, you must have been the victim of providing a business document that your reviewer could not open. Perhaps you saved your document in a new version of Word that the reviewer does not have.

In a business document management based on group collaboration, the communication between reviewers is vital. Information and direction are needed to proceed. With MS Word, there is no efficient way to provide direction; it has to be done by phone, meeting, or email, all of which are a poor use of time. And again, sometimes emails are not received, or are received in a scrambled fashion. Or the receiver cannot open the file.

With MS Word, there is no way to conduct multiple reviews such as a business document’s first draft, second draft and so on, without losing previous comments/feedback, unless multiple files are created. There is no way to track changes in the final version. Another issue is not getting feedback on what was important. For example, the author asked to review for content correctness but the reviewer focused on the business document’s structure. And there is the risk that no feedback at all is received.

MS Word does not offer role-based collaboration.

Each reviewer’s role in the business document collaboration process (writer, reviewer, co-writer, editor, project manager, SME, etc.) isn’t clearly defined when using only MS Word. Additionally, there is no way to stop the person to whom you’re sending the document for review from modifying it (no control over the “integrity” of the document). Saving a file as “read-only” only allows the person to read the document and not make any changes unless, again, a second draft of the business document is created. Now we have additional confusion.

Set your schedule

It can be easy to lose track of the project collaboration’s deadlines. Who wants to worry about a “to do” chart, when it can all be documented in one place, as with Agilewords? There are no schedule/time-frame/deadline settings in MS Word.

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