How it works

Streamline your Box review and approval process

The Agilewords application for Box is the perfect, much improved alternative to emailing MS Word attachments and using MS Word Review and Track Changes to collaborate on documents.

Get started in minutes

It takes seconds to install the Agilewords app for Box, send a MS Word document for review, and invite collaborators.

Streamlined review process

Agilewords is perfect for companies using the Box cloud solution and interested in streamlining their document review and approval processes.

The only app of its kind

Agilewords is a cloud alternative to MS Word Review and Track Changes with awesome collaborative features built on top.

Secure with full audit trail.

Access to Agilewords requires a login and is role-based (author, reviewer); collaborators review an online version of the document and can't alter or download the original version without your consent. All access and activity are logged in an audit trail.

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