How it works

Get faster results with a powerful and easy-to-use web-based collaboration solution

Collaborative document review

  • Easy setup and sharing

    With the Agilewords setup page, it takes seconds to upload a file for review, set a deadline, and invite collaborators. Don’t want to send emails? Share a secure link to the document.

  • Centralized feedback

    Agilewords provides a central place to comment, review, edit, track changes, and approve a document. Accessible anytime, anywhere.

  • Built for productivity

    Agilewords displays comments and edits in a panel alongside the document. The right-panel features discussion threads and change tracking with sorting and filtering options (by date, author, etc).

  • Review and approval tasks

    Assign a review or approval task to collaborators and get notified when they’re done.

  • Discussion threads

    Post comments visible in real-time to all collaborators. Read others’ comments and join the discussion.

  • Transparent review

    Orange balloons in the margins or right-panel make it easy to identify new comments or edits. Changes won’t go unnoticed!

  • Role based collaboration

    The Reviewer role is for collecting feedback (comments); the Author role for online co-editing.

  • Online/offline editing

    Make quick edits online or download a MS Word copy for full editing. Sync your local copy with the online version without losing previous comments.

  • Automatic reminders

    Agilewords sends reminders to collaborators with pending invites and pending review or approval tasks.

  • Any .doc(x) on Mac or PC

    Agilewords supports all MS Word file formats, whether you work on a Mac or PC.

  • Track Changes like in MS Word

    All changes made to the document are tracked and highlighted for review in a similar fashion to MS Word Track Changes.

  • Document notifications

    Subscribe to document notifications (every 3 hours or daily). Read new comments and track changes right from your inbox.

For collaborative teams with enterprise in mind

  • Streamlined review process

    Setup a review process that fits into your business workflow; define ownership, set a deadline, assign tasks, and track progress easily.

  • Secured communications

    All communications are encrypted (SSL). Document access is password-protected and by invitation only. Only authorized users can login.

  • Fine-grained document security

    Use role-based permissions to control who has read and write access. Stop the review to make the document read-only.

  • Activity feed

    Monitor all comments, edits, uploads, downloads, invites, and tasks completed from a single location. Filter events by document, dates, or users to find specific activity streams.

  • Shared folders

    Setup shared folders for departments or teams. Control access, share documents, and set deadlines.

  • Manageable by non-IT

    Delegate to non-IT easily. Give team leads permissions to create shared folders and control access by departments or projects.

  • Daily Digest

    Receive a daily email that summarizes the activity in the last 24 hours and highlights pending invites or tasks that need your attention.

  • Audit Trail

    With Agilewords’ audit trail feature, you have instant access to the document history, discussions, content updates, and you can review who approved the document.

  • Account dashboard

    Coordinate all aspects of document review cycle through the web dashboard. Grant access rights, schedule tasks, send notifications, and identify due dates.

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