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France is known for... giving the US the Statue of Liberty, French Fries, the Louvre, and the Eiffel Tower.

Well, maybe three of four.


And it also gave us Agilewords!

Fabrice Talbot, the founder of the company, grew up in France, headed to Barcelona to pursue an MBA, explored the nooks and crannies of Europe, and then moved to San Francisco with his lovely wife, Teresa.
And why not?

It was time to put what he'd learned into action and where better to start than Silicon Valley.


Made in San Francisco

San Francisco is known for... Ghiradelli chocolate, the Golden Gate Bridge, Haight Ashbury hippies, the first city to legalize gay marriage, Chinatown, earthquakes - and most notably, being the home to Agilewords.


Loved Worldwide

One of the nice things about Agilewords is how well it travels.

We’ve been very fortunate to help companies in different business sectors and industry verticals in the US and Europe.

Our goal is to take the mystery out of online document collaboration and convert you to the infinity joys of cloud computing.

You can use Agilewords to share any documents online, organize feedback in one place and get your documents signed-off from clients in lightning quick time!

Sounds good, does it?

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Russian Hill
San Francisco, USA

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