Making document collaboration more secure

Our collaboration security strategy focuses on data protection and infrastructure integration. Security is integrated into all aspects of our document collaboration application.

Secure Access for Document Reviews

How does security apply to document collaboration? When you upload files to Agilewords, you choose who can access, read, edit, and approve each document.

  • Invitation Only - Control access rights to each document.
  • Access Control - View and change documents through secure web interface.
  • Access Monitoring - Monitor user access to each document.
  • Audit Trail - Audit trail records all log-ins, comments, changes, reviews, and document approval.
  • Document Seal - Agilewords seals each document when reviews are completed.

Secure Access for Users

As well as applying security measures on a document level, you can control access at user level:

  • Role-based Access - Invite Collaborators to work on documents and assign different roles (Reviewer, Author).
  • Personal Folder - Team members can create personal folders to upload and share documents for review.
  • Company Shared Folders - Create online shared folders to share company documents with a group of users, for example, by team, department, or for partners.
  • Shared Folder Manager - Delegate shared folders to authorized individuals and minimize reliance on IT Administrators.

Secure Applications

Let's go one step further and see how Agilewords applies security at an application level.

  • Role-based Access - New users create their own profile and then authenticate themselves to access documents.
  • Continuous Authentication - Agilewords checks the user credentials for every action, ensuring that the person has sufficient rights to perform this action.
  • Fine-Grained Access Control - Agilewords provides access levels at the folder and document level.
  • High Usability - The intuitive user interface lets you easily manage user access and permissions.
  • Multiple Shared Folders - Manage shared folders access by team, department, or project.

Secure data Centers

  • Best-In-Class Hosting Solution - Rackspace, a world-class hosting provider, keeps your files and data secure. Rackspace serve more than 99,000 customers, including over 80,000 cloud computing customers. There are currently over 2,900 Rackers around the world serving its customers.
  • Physical Access Control - Rackspace has deployed a multi-layered physical security approach. Access is controlled by photo badges, proximity access cards, biometric devices, CCTV/DVRs, and alarms.
  • Redundancy and Backups - Rackspace servers are backed up to its centralized Managed Backup Storage System. The default schedule is performed Weekly Full and Daily Differential with retention rates of two or four weeks.

Secure Networks

  • SSL Encryption - 256-bit Secure Socket Layer security is applied to all accounts encrypting data between users and Agilewords.
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