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Agilewords helps your team write, review and publish business documents, proposals, and contracts faster. It improves collaboration internally between departments and business units and externally with clients, partners, and consultants.
  • Legal Document Review Proposal

    Shorter Review Cycle

    Use Agilewords and reduce review cycles from weeks to days! Agilewords lets you schedule reviews, set deadlines, and send reminders to colleagues or clients in advance of the due date.

  • Project Review Usability

    Ease of use

    Agilewords allows collaborators to update documents anytime anywhere. All you need is a web browser. Agilewords is ideal for road warriors and virtual workers in remote offices spread over different time-zones.

  • Proposal Management

    Track business proposals with clients and business partners in one location. Submit proposals for review, collect client feedback, address concerns in record time, and get faster client approval.

  • Faster Sign-Offs

    Stop losing time chasing clients for their feedback! Use Agilewords to request approval on specific deadlines. Let us do the chasing for you!

  • Quality Feedback

    Review, edit, and merge input from different contributors. Ensure that all feedback is accounted for and captured in the final draft.

  • Liability For Legal Documents

    Increased Security

    With Agilewords, only authorized individuals can review and approve content. The system tracks every change made to each file and provides instant notifications to the Document Owner when and where changes are made.

  • Document Track Changes

    Track Changes

    Stop struggling with MS Word’s track changes and versions issues. Use Agilewords, to control feedback and track changes on one version online.

  • Cross-department Collaboration

    Information Collaborative shouldn't be trapped in silos! Connect the review process across different cross-functional teams by creating a simpler review and approval process.

  • Client Trust On Project Proposals

    Happy Clients, More Business

    Your clients don't want to spend hours reviewing Microsoft Word documents any more than you. Agilewords saves yourself and your client some sanity. Happy clients means more business!

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