How it works

Collaborate online for faster results.

Agilewords lets you share any Word document online, post comments, reply to others' comments, and reach consensus with little efforts and in record time.
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Edit and track changes online.

Authors can make quick online edits or update the document offline in MS Word and synchronize with the online version. Agilewords' track changes keeps everyone in the loop so no changes go unnoticed.
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Easy setup. Streamlined review workflow.

Agilewords' upload wizard makes it fast and easy to upload a file, set a review deadline, invite collaborators, assign review or approval tasks, and secure your document.
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Get it done without the hassle.

Use Agilewords dashboard to find upcoming deadlines. You can subscribe to receive a daily digest (new activity, pending tasks) or request notifications at document level to keep track of most recent comments and edits.
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100% web-based. Compatible with Mac&PC.

Agilewords supports all major browsers, and works with all versions of MS Word (.doc and .docx) on Mac and PC. Sweet!
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Sleep safe with Agilewords' audit trail.

Agilewords' audit trail tracks all activity that takes place on the document (comments, edits, review and approval tasks, uploads, downloads). In a hurry to find critical information? Filter by event types, documents, dates, or users.
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