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Why People Love Us

“Agilewords streamlined our review and approval process”

Consider the effort involved in sending multiple emails, coordinating feedback from different reviewers, copy/pasting between documents, fixing layout and format issues. With Agilewords, you can avoid these labor-intensive activities and define an online review process with clear guidelines, deadlines, easy real-time collaboration, and no version madness.

“With Agilewords, we reduced our review cycle from weeks to days”

We’ve been there and we know how hard it can get to collect feedback and have colleagues or clients sign-off on a document. Agilewords’ online review process and easy to use web interface simplifies reviewers’ task and makes the whole process truly collaborative – hence ensuring you’ll get results in days, sometimes hours!

“We struggled to get our documents approved on schedule. Not anymore”

As Agilewords was specifically designed for document reviews, you can use it to setup review deadlines and assign tasks to each reviewer. Even better, it reminds them to complete the review on schedule so you get your documents approved on time.

“Agilewords removes inefficiencies by keeping a master copy online”

Instead of coordinating multiple documents getting emailed back and forth, Agilewords helps reduce the inefficiencies that eat up your time. Instead of collating comments from different authors, it’s gathered online automatically allowing you to focus on other, high-value tasks.

“Agilewords increases productivity and reduces tracking”

Agilewords releases you and your team from mundane activities. Its review wizard helps you get started faster, lets your send automatic reminders (for pending invites/tasks), and receive daily digests of what’s been changed, so you're always up to date. Instead of you chasing reviewers, Agilewords does the chasing for you.

“I receive feedback within hours”

Instead of sending out emails and waiting for feedback, you can use Agilewords to send an invitation email to others with a secure link to the document online. This accelerates the review process as everyone, even outside of office hours, can contribute to the document review.

“Agilewords saves us time and money every day”

Many people fail to realize that by using old and inadequate methods of collaboration–such as MS Word track changes, PDF, and email attachments–they cost their business time and money.

“We wanted control over who can access, comment, edit, and download our documents”

Have you ever wondered what happened to a confidential document you sent by email six months ago? If security is your concern, than keeping a single copy on a secure server is a no brainer. Agilewords does that and offers additional security features including audit trails, document seals, and email notifications.

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